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Blohm DJ

Artworking, Marbling, Printmaking & Visual Identity

The Problem —
The Minimal Tech-House DJ Blohm wanted me to create a vivid, eye-catching cover design that feels appropriate to the genre for his first EP. The client was set on the idea of including marbling in the project so we had to figure out how to make this possible on a shoestring budget.

My Solution —
Using the facilities at my college I managed to bring together just enough chemicals to make a mimic the properties of a marbling mix and create some effective visuals. This whole process was so rewarding because it showed me how much can be achieved with so little, all it takes is a little cunning! It was surprising to see a few years after I made this Bicep dropped their first album with a very similar visual aesthetic. I’m calling it here, I beat their graphic designer to it.

My Solution —