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Amazon Alexa

Branding, Identity, Environmental & Advertising

The Problem —
There are a lot of stigmas surrounding privacy and personal space attached to smart speakers. People are unsettled by something listening in on their every move. Droga5 wanted us to flip these preconceptions on their head and promote the power Amazon Alexa can bestow on you and your voice.

My Solution —
“Everything at the tip of your tongue” celebrates this effortless power, with a vibrant and charming campaign that uses playful energy to disarm the consumer. By re-energising Amazon Alexa with this fun brand tone,
it no longer feels like a cold, corporate ploy to invade your household, heroing the speakers ability to improve your life by listening to your voice. The shapes used explore how the word “tip” can be visually represented. From the tip of an arrow to the peak of a mountain,
I wanted to unite the visuals through a consistent theme.