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Canapé Records: Benson Streaker

Artworking, Image Manipulation, Visual Identity

Overview —
Various layout and composition experiments for DJ and producer Benson Streaker. Released on Canap é Records, Bristol.

My Solution —
I initially looked at how I could represent “Streaker” with visuals that stretch and morph off the label. The street photography I experimented with  pushed this feeling of an urban-centric atmosphere. The shapes are from an early logo I designed for Benson based around the shape of a packet of twenty Benson & Hedges which I then put through the scanner and stretched. This first route was also more type inclusive, but we decided to drop any text and keep it mysterious for the final idea. It was also decided to incorporate an oval across all of the white label releases to help tie them together across an identical frame.

I ended up moving away from buildings when I started experimenting with some much darker imagery I discovered in a book on “digging up bodies” by the British Museum (I found in an old antique shop). By incorporating a bitmap image treatment the visuals still felt gritty and urban, but the stretched voodoo dolls felt much more unique and in line with the mysterious tone Benson and Canapé were after.

My Solution —