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Art-working, Social Platform, Visual Identity

Overview —
Compound 2  is a dance music platform I originally created just for fun, so me and my musically orientated friends could call and response mixes to one another. Since then, it has grown to become a community driven platform that aims to promote upcoming DJ's & producers.

My Solution —
The name and visual identity surrounding Compound 2 was influenced by the actual process of DJ'ing. The artist is blending two (things), powerful in their own right, together. Compounds by nature are made up of more than one element; this holistic process of blending together became a metaphor for the job of the DJ, merging hand picked dance tracks together instead of elements.

From their on out it was about creating a playful, underground, club-centric style that felt alternative and interesting. To involve each DJ more in the promotional material for his show, I asked them to select a compound that would become the central image. So DJ Slow Cooker for example, chose Sodium chloride, Hence why you see the salt crystals form a key part of those designs.

My Solution —

Episode One: DJ Slow Cooker

Episode Two: Benson Streaker

Episode Three: Sains_05