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The Future of Culture 

Editorial, Publishing, Art-working & Copywriting

The Problem —
The big focus in climate activist circles is no longer neutrality. Neutrality is not enough. Instead, we must strive to be climate positive. To offset our carbon rich actions with processes and schemes that remove it from the atmosphere.

My Solution —
This research booklet is targeted primarily at the cultural industries, a sector responsible for a very large amount of carbon emission. From the wasteful nature of exhibitions, to the vast amount of clothing that is burnt or thrown away instead of being properly recycled, we need to re-think how we operate; consider the longevity of the planet instead of the convenience of a single use, plastic lined, coffee cup.

Contrary to other approaches, this booklet is about education rather than fearmongering and chastisement. After all, I am part of the creative industry, so I need to maintain a positive outlook on the future of my industry. Moving forward how can we make positive change a part of our everyday? This research document explores interesting innovations in our sector that are currently taking place, alongside ideas that have the potential to re-invent our industry as an important pioneer in the changing of mindsets, business standards and ultimately the health of our planet. To echo the sentiments of the project, the book is printed on 100% recycled stock and the staples are made from repurposed metal.

My Solution —