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Wax Quarter

Editorial, Packaging, UX/UI, Branding, Advertising & Strategy

The Problem —
Studio Koto wanted me create a brand that can “encourage and celebrate change and transformation, through human connection rather than an abstract problem”.

My Solution —
The Wax Quarter Unites DJ’s, producers, dance music lovers & record collectors alike, over a shared love of underground grooves and exclusive record drops. Focusing on collaboration, conversation, and creation, the platform is approachable for anyone with its playful, slightly bizarre visual style which is intentionally unconventional for this sector. This informed my colour palette, which is gender inclusive and fun, but also a bit weird with the use of a dark brown and yellow combination.

The 12-column square grid links to 12’’ records and the shape of square vinyl shelving racks. My strategy informed the visual route, which identified a illustrative visual gap in the market. Playing on the colloquial term wax, the visuals melt across your screen. Frutiger’s Univers and Berlin Transit are used in underground networks across the globe, referencing the underground nature of the music my platform is promoting. Underground type for an underground music platform.